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Corona-Warn-App Version 1.3 brings improvements and new features

Hanna Heine, on September 4, 2020

We have updated the Corona-Warn-App to version 1.3, which is available for download in Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. The latest version includes a number of enhancements, such as improved texts for the risk status and test results as well as clearer messages when scanning QR codes.

Important new features include additional information on the risk status. If a low-risk encounter took place, users can now find a brief explanation in the risk status details about why the risk of infection is considered low despite one or more encounters with a person tested positive for COVID-19. The recommendation to open the Corona-Warn-App preventively once a day is now displayed in the app, too.

In addition, Corona-Warn-App version 1.3 contains a link to a contact form by the Robert Koch Institute, which makes it easier for users to ask questions and make suggestions.

On iOS devices, the app displays the status “Unknown Risk” if the risk status has not been updated for 48 hours. This can be the case if the background app refresh has not been activated. Users can then manually update the risk status in the app.