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Take a Look (Version 2.17)

Browse through the screenshots to get an overview of the features offered by the Corona-Warn-App with the release of Version 2.17 (available since February 2, 2022). Please note that the screenshots may vary slightly between Android and iOS due to technical reasons.

With this update we provide new and enhanced features:

Notifications in case of a positive test: The instructions and procedure in case of a positive test result have been revised.

Statistics on booster vaccinations: In addition to statistics for individuals vaccinated at least once and fully vaccinated, you can now find the number of individuals who have received a booster vaccination.

Link to Social Media: If you want to stay up to date and share about the Corona-Warn-App, you can follow our social media channels. Android users can find the link to the social media channels by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner of the app and then selecting 'Social Media'. iOS users can swipe down in the CWA and select 'Social Media' under 'More'.

Recycle Bin content deletion date: Any item that is moved to the Recycle Bin will be permanently deleted after 30 days. This deletion date is now displayed for each item.

Increased risk message: You will receive a notification when an increased risk of infection is determined for you, even though the app is open. This is to prevent you from overlooking the risk warning on the status tab if you are currently on another tab. Additionally, a red dot will appear on the status tab as long as you have not looked at it yet. This feature was already added in version 2.16 for iOS and is now available for Android with this version.

The images provided on this page are available for free use.