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Take a Look (Version 2.18)

Browse through the screenshots to get an overview of the features offered by the Corona-Warn-App with the release of Version 2.18 (available since February 23, 2022). Please note that the screenshots may vary slightly between Android and iOS due to technical reasons.

With this update we provide new and enhanced features:

Central Administration of Rules: The rules for certificates (with regard to their validity, for example, or their prioritization when several certificates are available) and for determining your “G” status (vaccinated, recovered, tested) have been separated from the Corona-Warn-App. These rules are now stored centrally and can therefore be adjusted independently of app releases, which will make it possible to react to rule changes more quickly. After a change, the updated rules will be transferred to the app automatically. This central administration of rules does not change how you use the Corona-Warn-App.

Adjustment of the display for booster vaccination: In the context of the reminder for booster vaccinations, there is now a concise display. Additional information about a recommended booster vaccination can now be viewed by tapping on the 'Note on Booster Vaccination' field. See Screenshots 'Note on Booster Vaccination' for both Android and iOS.

The images provided on this page are available for free use.