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Corona-Warn-App Update: Version 1.6 explains change of risk status

Hanna Heine, on November 11, 2020

Deutsche Telekom and SAP's development team has updated the Corona-Warn-App to version 1.6, which is now available in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. Version 1.6 provides more detailed explanations about the change in risk status. A short-term problem with regard to the exposure check has already been resolved with version 1.6.1.

If the risk status changes from an increased risk (red) back to a low risk (green), the Corona-Warn-App now shows the reason for this change. This can be the case if the encounter that led to the increased risk took place more than 14 days ago.

Furthermore, the processing of QR codes has been improved. Users will receive explanatory error messages if there are problems reading QR codes. This could be the case if someone tries to scan an invalid QR code or if the code is older than 21 days and can no longer be registered in the app.

Additionally, users will receive a reminder to allow prioritized background refresh on devices where manufacturers switched off the automatic background refresh. This way the Corona-Warn-App can determine the risk status in the background at any time.