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Corona-Warn-App Version 1.7 can perform the exposure check several times a day

Hanna Heine, on November 25, 2020

Corona-Warn-App Version 1.7 is now available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. With the update, Deutsche Telekom and SAP's project team enabled the exposure check to run several times a day. In addition, users who have tested positive will now receive a reminder if they haven’t shared their test result.

With Corona-Warn-App Version 1.7, the exposure check can be run several times a day so that users are informed about possible risk encounters sooner. This repeated daily check is performed automatically. However, it requires a Wi-Fi connection. The standard daily exposure check is still performed once a day, no matter if the smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or not.

Furthermore, two hours after users have opened their positive test result in the app, they will receive a reminder to share their result if they haven’t done so. After another four hours, users get a second reminder if they still haven’t shared the test result. By clicking on the reminder, users can go directly to the function for sharing their result in the Corona-Warn-App.

Corona-Warn-App Reminder to Share Test Result

Moreover, version 1.7 comes with further improvements such as a smoother interaction between the app and QR codes. Additionally, some minor bugs have been fixed. Among other things, the error message 'ExposureDetectionIsAlreadyRunning', which was incorrectly displayed to users, no longer appears in CWA version 1.7.

With the release of version 1.7, we changed to a controlled rollout in the App Stores, since the Corona-Warn-App is being downloaded in large numbers. That means: The app is available to users in waves. This procedure is common for apps with such a wide reach. While users can manually trigger an update in Apple’s App Store, this option is not available in the Google Play Store. There, the Corona-Warn-App’s new version can be available up to 48 hours later.