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Federal Government integrates rapid COVID-19 tests into Corona-Warn-App

Hanna Heine, on March 31, 2021

Strong partners support the new feature

The federal government's Corona-Warn-App is getting another important feature. In the future, the app will integrate rapid COVID-19 tests. Users can save the confirmation of their test in the app and add them to the contact journal. In addition, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 through a rapid test will also be able to warn contacts via the Corona-Warn-App in the future.

With rapid COVID-19 test alerts in the Corona-Warn-App, German citizens aged 16 and older will soon be able to make a further contribution to the pandemic's containment. Alongside the "AHA" rules (keep distance, follow hygiene precautions, wear a mask), digital apps are an important building block in the German government's strategy in fighting the pandemic.

SAP and Deutsche Telekom are developing the rapid test function on behalf of the German government. To this end, the companies are already holding concrete talks with partners who carry out such tests or are planning corresponding offerings.

In the first phase, the following partners want to participate in the implementation of the rapid test function in the Corona-Warn-App: BUDNI, Deutscher Apothekerverband (DAV), dm-drogerie markt, DOCTORBOX, GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof. Others are to follow. Companies that are interested in participating can contact the development partners SAP and Telekom via

A web portal will connect rapid test-partners to the Corona-Warn-App in the future. The test results will be transmitted immediately to the app. The prerequisite is that the test is carried out by trained and authorized employees in accordance with the dual control principle.

The rapid test-function is supposed to be available in the second half of April. SAP and Deutsche Telekom will provide further information on the details here soon.