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Key figures dashboard for the Corona-Warn-App

Robin Houben, on October 4, 2021

An overview of important key figures for the Corona-Warn-App is now available in the form of a digital dashboard. The key figures in the dashboard are updated daily. In the launch version, the following key figures are available: Downloads, test registration, test results, sharing behavior, and low-risk and high-risk alerts. The metrics in the dashboard are updated daily. They can be accessed under the "Dashboard" tab and downloaded as a csv file.

Dashboard data from the Corona-Warn-App

For more than a year, the project team (Robert Koch Institute, SAP, Deutsche Telekom) has regularly published key figures for the Corona-Warn-App - an important contribution to transparency, which is central to all open-source projects. From now on, important key figures are available in a public dashboard as an interactive overview. The dashboard can be accessed via the Corona-Warn-App blog under the menu item "Dashboard". The launch version displays metrics on downloads, test registration, test results, sharing behavior, and alerts.

These key figures come from various sources:

  • Downloads: Data from the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.
  • Test registration, test results, and sharing behavior: Information from the backend database where tests are registered to allow results to be communicated and others to be warned if necessary.
  • Green and red risk warnings: data from Privacy Preserving Analytics (PPA).

User-defined views and export function

The key figures can be displayed in different ways in the dashboard. For example, it is possible to view different time periods: the last 28 days, the last 6 months or the entire period since the release of the Corona-Warn-App. In addition, it is possible to select whether the key figures are to be displayed on a daily, weekly, 7-day average or cumulative basis. Individual values can be shown or hidden. To do this, click on the name of the variable in the legend.

Using the "Export all data" function, the key figures can be downloaded as a zip file. Data for specific figures can also be downloaded. The respective download packages include a so-called code book with detailed descriptions of the variables to facilitate the interpretation of the data.

The dashboard is to be consecutively expanded over the next months to include further key figures for the Corona-Warn-App.

Further analyses of the Corona-Warn-App are available in the Science section of the website: