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Corona-Warn-App version 2.14 introduces recycle bin feature for PCR and rapid tests

Hanna Heine, 10 am, on November 22, 2021

The project team of the Robert Koch Institute, Deutsche Telekom, and SAP have released version 2.14 of the Corona-Warn-App. With the update, users can now restore deleted PCR and rapid tests.

Since version 2.13, Corona-Warn app users have been able to restore accidentally deleted certificates from the recycle bin. With version 2.14, this is also possible for registered PCR and rapid tests.

Recylce Bin

If users remove a registered test, it is now moved to the recycle bin where it stays for 30 days before it will be permanently deleted. In the recycle bin, Android users can select the three dots in the upper right corner of the test and tap "Restore". iOS users can restore it by selecting the corresponding test and tapping "Restore".

Android Papierkorb, Drei-Punkte-Menu
iOS-Nutzer\*innen können ihn dann wiederherstellen, indem sie den entsprechenden Test im Papierkorb auswählen und auf „Wiederherstellen“ tippen

The test will then be moved to its original location in the Corona-Warn-App. If users move a test to the recycle bin and then scan it again, the Corona-Warn-App recognizes that it is the same test and restores it from version 2.14 on.

Please note: As usual, users can only register one active test in their app at a time. If they restore a test from the recycle bin while another test is already registered, the test from the recycle bin is restored and the currently active test is moved to the recycle bin.

The app can manage a maximum of one rapid test and one PCR test at the same time. If you register another PCR test, the first PCR test will be deleted from the app.

The entries in the contact journal, which show when users have registered a rapid test or performed a PCR test, are not affected when a test is moved to the recycle bin.

Android users can access their recycle bin by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of their app and then tap "Recycle Bin." iOS users can swipe down on the home screen of their Corona-Warn-App and select "Recycle Bin" under "More".

Version 2.14 - like previous versions - will be delivered in a staged rollout and is made available for users in waves. While users can manually trigger an update in Apple’s App Store, this option is not available in the Google Play Store. There, the delivery of the Corona-Warn-App’s new version can take up to 48 hours.