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Which CWA functions end – and how you can still use the app

CWA-Team, 10:45 am, on May 2, 2023

The reduction of functions of the Corona-Warn-App (CWA), prepared in version 3.2, became active yesterday, as planned by the project team of Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), Deutsche Telekom and SAP.

This means that users can no longer use the Exposure logging function. Retrieving test results, warning others, the statistics area (except for the pandemic radar), and the check-in functionality of the app are also no longer available since yesterday.

However, users still have access to their already scanned certificates (vaccination and recovery certificates) and can continue to export them. The contact journal can also still be filled and entries can still be exported.

Note: Features that require the CWA infrastructure, such as exposure logging, retrieval of test results, alerting others, or check-ins, no longer work even in older versions since yesterday.

The development and support of the Corona-Warn-App will then end on June 1, 2023, considering the increased immunity of the population, easily transmissible virus variants and the return to a public life (largely) without Corona measures. However, the CWA website will continue to operate for the time being. Among other things, research results on the use of the app will still be published there in the future.

Answers to questions about the end of CWA development can be found in the FAQ.

As an alternative to the CWA, you can use the CovPass app to manage your certificates; we also recommend NINA if you want to receive important warnings for a variety of danger situations.

To date, the Corona-Warn-App has been downloaded more than 48 million times. According to estimates, there were at least 25 million active users of the app last year alone. During the peak of the pandemic, 270 laboratories and 20,000 testing sites were connected. More than 240 million test results could thus be made available digitally. A total of nine million positive test results were shared.

Many key figures about the Corona-Warn-App are available on the interactive dashboard. You can read the articles on the evaluation of the CWA here.

Isolated issues that were limited to iOS users (app would not open) have been fixed with a hotfix released on May 1. Please update the Corona-Warn-App to version 3.2.1.