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The Corona-Warn-App team says “Thank You!”

CWA-Team, 10:00 am, on June 1, 2023

Today marks the end of more than three years of development work on one of the most important digital projects in the pandemic: the Corona-Warn-App. Since its launch on June 16, 2020, the CWA has been downloaded more than 48 million times. More than nine million alerts have been triggered since then, and many millions of people have been notified of risk encounters with red and green tiles on their smartphones.

The detailed figures on the CWA can be found on the interactive dashboard.

The CWA project team consisting of the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI), Deutsche Telekom and SAP would like to thank everyone who used the app. As users, you have made an important contribution to effectively combating Corona.

Those who shared their positive test result via the app were able to quickly and directly warn others of an increased risk of infection that they otherwise would not have recognized. Many people who were warned subsequently tested positive. Thanks to your help, the Corona-Warn-App fulfilled its purpose of providing early warning, thus breaking chains of infection.

What were the reasons for the app's success and acceptance? The CWA was free, its use was voluntary, and it was based on a decentralized approach. It met the highest data protection and IT security requirements, did not store personal data when identifying risk encounters, and did not share personal data when warning contacts.

In addition to the core function of receiving test results and warning others in the event of a positive result, the CWA offered its users helpful additional functions: Manage tests of family members, store Covid certificates digitally, a contact journal and information on the current pandemic situation. The open source approach ensured full transparency and public control.

You can read about how the app worked here.

A special thanks to the CWA community that has formed around the project over the last three years. The work of the community has improved the app. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Corona-Warn-App development process on GitHub, made suggestions for improvements or new features, and reported bugs. Thanks are also due to the users who discussed, helped others, and answered questions about the app on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The CWA project team would also like to thank all of the partners who have accompanied and supported the development of the app over the past few years.

This site will remain available until further notice, and new science blogs will continue to be posted. The rest of the content on this site will remain largely unchanged for now.

In the Corona-Warn-App itself, you can still access previously saved certificates and the contact diary. For more info, see the FAQ.

If you want to receive important warnings for different danger situations in the future, we recommend the warning app NINA of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.