The information on the page is no longer up to date.
Due to the test regulation of March 31, 2022, test sites are no longer obliged to connect to the Corona-Warn-App of the Robert Koch-Institute, therefore registrations for API connection and connection via the CWA rapid test portal are no longer possible. Interested parties who signed a contract before April 1, 2022 were still connected until May 13, 2022. The test infrastructure was deactivated on April 21, 2023 anyway.

Become a rapid test partner!

Thank you for helping to break infection chains even faster and more efficiently by connecting your rapid testing center to the Corona-Warn-App (CWA). In doing so, you are making an important contribution to fighting the pandemic and returning to more normality.

In order to let our partners inform themselves about the connection variants, the onboarding process and the technical specifications at any time, we have compiled the most important information on GitHub.

A prerequisite for linking your rapid tests to the Corona-Warn-App is that the test is performed under supervision. This means that no results from so-called lay tests may be transmitted. In addition, it must be ensured that your test center is officially registered with the local health authority and meets the associated requirements.

Collaboration on the project

There are two options available when connecting the rapid test sites to the Corona-Warn-App.

RAT-Partner Option 1

Option 1: CWA rapid test portal

For rapid test partners who do not yet have their own software solution for test processing in use, we offer a CWA rapid test portal with basic functionalities to be able to transmit your rapid test results to the CWA. The CWA rapid test portal allows you to easily connect your rapid tests into the CWA if you do not already have test management software in use. This solution has basic functionalities such as the digital recording of the proband's personal data and test results, and also automatically transmits findings to the CWA if the proband has consented to this. The prerequisite for using the web-based portal is the availability of internet-capable end devices and an internet connection at the test site. Access is via web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.). Using the CWA rapid test portal, you can handle tests for all probands, no matter if it's with or without CWA. A video introduction on how to administer users and groups in the quick test portal can be found on YouTube. For further information, please refer to the Wiki: Wiki: CWA Schnelltest-Portal

Option 2: Integration into existing software

For partners who have already developed their own software solution or use a third-party software solution, we offer an interface for connecting partner systems to the Corona-Warn-App. Prerequisites for the integration of the Corona-Warn-App are:

  • Implementation of a CWA QR code (3 possible variants) in the test process
  • Implementation of a backend interface
  • Compliance with privacy notices
For further information please refer to the presentation or the Wiki: Anbindung der Partnersysteme.

RAT-Partner Option 2

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