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QR Code scanned but no test result in the Corona-Warn-App

Janina Hoerdt, on August 25, 2020

The Corona-Warn-App has been active for a few weeks now and has been downloaded over 17.6 million times. An essential part of the app is the QR code procedure, which allows tested users to report test results to the app pseudonymously.

If a tested person receives a QR code, they are required to scan it and thus report the results to the app. In some cases, error messages appear, in others the test result cannot be retrieved. Why is that and what to do in these cases?

Possibility 1: During the test, the physician or test personnel did not indicate the necessary consent for data transfer to the Corona-Warn-App. The tick on the form for "Consent of the insured person to transfer the test result for the purposes of the Corona-Warn-App" is missing. Without this consent, the QR Code cannot be further processed in the relevant laboratory and the test result will not be transferred to the Corona-Warn-App.

Possibility 2: The laboratory that evaluates the test result from the physician or test center cannot yet process the QR codes for technical reasons. The laboratory is not yet fully connected to the Corona-Warn-App and the test result cannot be transmitted to the Corona-Warn-App for technical reasons.

In both cases, please contact your physician or the test center to ask for your test result. If you are informed of a positive test result and would like to use the Corona-Warn-App to warn your risk encounters, call the hotline on +49 800 7540002 and participate in the TeleTan procedure.

If several QR codes are available at the same time, e.g. from several family members, you have to be aware that only one code may be used per smartphone. The remaining test results are reported independently of the Corona-Warn-App. To find out which QR code is the correct one, you should read the leaflet carefully.

You can find further "frequently asked questions" as well as more detailed information about QR codes in the FAQs.