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Take a Look (Version 2.27)

Browse through the screenshots to get an overview of the features offered by the Corona-Warn-App with the release of Version 2.27 (available since September 27, 2022). Please note that the screenshots may vary slightly between Android and iOS due to technical reasons.

With this update we provide new and enhanced features:

Display Mask Mandate: The app can display whether you are required to wear a mask in certain places in your German state or whether you are exempt from this requirement. This display only appears if your state has implemented extended mask mandate rules.

If the state where you are currently located has imposed a mask mandate, a negative rapid test or PCR test will exempt you from this mask mandate for recreational activities, cultural and sports events, and restaurants and bars for 24 hours. An unsupervised self-test is not sufficient, however. Your state may also implement exemptions from the mask mandate after a vaccination or recovery from infection (within the last three months). Exemptions from the mask mandate do not apply on public transportation, in hospitals and care facilities, or to patients in doctors’ offices.

If the COVID certificates you have saved in the app are sufficient to exempt you from the mask mandate in your state, the certificate appears in green. Your exemption from the mask mandate in your state can be confirmed by scanning your QR code with the CovPassCheck app.

The images provided on this page are available for free use.